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Not so much as a flicker of supernatural activity on the home front today. Or at least, nothing demonic. (That "coven" of witches stayed up in the schoolyard naked until practically six in the morning, though. Why do old people do things like that? It was bloody cold out last night. And their chanting was atrocious.)

Now I get to figure out why my sword of ultimate magical power didn't work on the bloody demon. Colour me a bit puzzled there. I mean, it worked on gods' magic, and quite easily at that. Which probably means that I got crossed with some fundamental rules of magic and am going to end up turning the pages of ye olde magick books with tweezers so they don't set my hands on fire. (Apparently, this was all the rage in protection spells back in the day. I'd take them off, but hopefully this will serve as a deterrent for anyone who's trying to steal them -- which I suppose is the point of protection spells in the first place.)

You'd think there would be perks, being as good at things as I am, not to mention talented, learned, educated, et cetera, et cetera. But no. No, for me, it's all Compendium of Magickal Theory, volumes one through sixty, in Latin.
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