Apr. 30th, 2007

This should already be very clear to everyone, but apparently it is not. So I shall continue my quest to educate and enlighten.

To point: People should stay in their own shapes. I don't really care if your shape is freakishly-coloured or textured or you have stupid elf ears or sharp teeth or a pointy tail. It is your shape and (though it may be sad for you) you must strive not to change out from it. I realize that the current bizarre incident was out of anyone's control, but keep in mind for future reference that usually, very bad things happen as a result of someone deciding to change how you look. Avoid these people, or, if pressed, inflict bodily harm upon them.

Also, people who don't stay in their own shapes should certainly be well-enough briefed on etiquette to perhaps mention their condition to poor, innocent, unsuspecting students at whom they levy not only cooking lessons, but also a "lesson" on "communication". As though that was really necessary! I certainly do not have a problem communicating.

(Though I suspect I could use some practice on the cooking side of things.)


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