Nov. 15th, 2004

I take a few weeks away from the journals -- where all trouble here starts, I'm telling you now if you had any doubts -- to sort out the raging headaches and bruises, and somehow things have managed to get quite worse than when I left. I've seen on television that your constant state of aggravation is not healthy. Some strange bald man named Doctor Phil makes a living telling people they're being stupid (I consider this a bright future career opportunity for myself -- and I am much prettier than Doctor Phil to boot), and that they should simply calm down. Well, all of you should calm down. I haven't seen so much running about and carrying on in all my life.

Not that there was much of a population to be doing the running about and carrying on in Limbo, but this is what English class has told me is alliteration. Or a simile. Or a hyperbole. I'm almost sure it's one of those three.

Perhaps we can return to our regularly-scheduled mishap, natural disaster, and/or terminal boredom now. On the other hand, I hear the weather's nice in Acapulco these days.

And who likes Acapulcans, anyway? We ought to go there and share the cloud of misery hanging over us day in and day out. Perhaps our mere presence could stir up a nice blizzard -- possibly even a karmic blizzard, if we've been at our usual lows. Otherwise I'm sure there's no end to the havoc we could cause, and it would be much more interesting than sitting in class pretending that causing havoc isn't what we do best.


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