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Mark and Illyana bug Oomes' apartment. The irony is lost on them. For now.

Illyana let out a breath when the alarm system flashed green, disarmed. She hated all this technology, but, fortunately for her, the instructions had been relatively straightforward. Vaguely, she felt she would have preferred just to throw down with some monsters. Why was everything they did so complicated? With a quick look around the corner, to make sure that Oomes really was out for the evening, she took a few quick steps to the back door and slid it open. "We're clear," she hissed.

Mark slipped in and shut the door silently. "Good. Ten minutes, then we're done. Start with the phones, they're easiest." He reached into the satchel he carried and pulled out a couple pairs of latex gloves, and handed a pair to Illyana. He snapped the other pair on.

Illyana pulled her gloves on, heading for the phone she'd seen in the entrance. Her fingers fumbled briefly with the tiny electronic device that was purported to let them listen to this guy's phone calls and conversations. Following the directions she'd been given precisely (her one saving grace, as far as several of her co-workers were probably concerned), she finished with all the phones she could find, and went to find Mark. "How's yours going?" she asked, standing on tip-toes to slide a bug into an air-vent in Oomes' office.

Mark sat at the desk, Oomes' webcam disassembled in front of him. With the lights off, it was difficult to put in the tapping device, so he'd turned on some Britney to make his hands glow. "Almost done. I'm sure his next online conference call will be a riveting watch."

"Uh-huh," Illyana said, bored already at the idea. She checked her watch, and then glanced over her shoulder. "We should go soon. I'm sure neither of us would be happy ending up on opposite ends of the planet thanks to an emergency teleportation. Plus Remy would freak."

"IAWTC." Satisfied that his rig would work, Mark quickly snapped everything back together and replaced the webcam back exactly where it was. "OK, we have phones, office, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom tapped in one way or another. We'll hear everything that goes on here. Vamonos."
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